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Okay guys well I want to see if you guys think we can get to 1,000 members by or before January 1, 2013.  I think we can do it if we all work together.  From today we would need to gain about 4 members per day to reach our goal.  As it stands, we are averaging about 1 member per day.  So we would need everyones help to gain an extra 3 members per day.  I know we all know a few people or maybe even alot of people who play airsoft, but have still not signed up for the site.

So in order to encourage everyone to try and get their friends to join the site, and get a bit more exposure for the site I am going to attempt to do some kind of referral contest.  I am not sure what the prize will be but we will release that information soon.  But I can at least guarantee anyone who gets at least 5 members to join the site will get a free Chesapeake Airsoft Association patch.  We will also probably give away an East Coast Airsoft business card and maybe some other things too but all of that information will be released shortly.

Some sort of grand prize will be given away as follows, every person you refer to the site will gain you 1 entry in the contest.  Then we will put an entry for each person you refer with your name on it in a random drawing and we will do it live on video for everyone to see so we can know it will be completely fair.  There will be a super grand prize if we make it to 1000 members in time, and then a follow up grand prize in the event that we do not get to our goal in time.

Anyone found cheating or anything like that will be immediately disqualified from winning any prizes in the contest.  It will not be hard for us to figure this out, so lets make this easier for everyone and not even try to cheat.

Please let me know what you all think of this, and any suggestions will be great.  The referrals can count from now on so get out there and spreading the word!  We will post updates to here as new things develop.

Note: All referrals must post in this thread the person who has referred them to the site, or have them send me a personal message saying who referred them.  I will keep a master count of all the referrals for each person.

Good Luck Everyone!

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