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Hey guys, well since stupid facebook has blocked us from posting for 30 days I am posting all of this on here to see how it goes. We are a legit retail airsoft store. All prices do not include shipping, and we only take trade ins in person. If you have any questions and need immediate answers we are open 11AM to 8PM, every single day so feel free to give us a call at 410-838-6856.

Feel free to comment here or it's much easier for me to answer if you e-mail me directly at ace21gabriel @ yahoo . com. Thanks guys and happy hunting!

To purchase we send all bills as invoice via paypal. So any paypal balance or major credit cards work.

Classic Army M15A4 - $180 (I think will have to double check pricing)
ICS MP5 SD - $210
G&P M4 Carbine - $190 (I think will have to double check pricing)
DBoys S-System w/ Upgrades - $150
CAW Revolver Grenade Launcher - $300
Upgraded WELL L96 - $100
KWA RM4 Ronin - SOLD
Krytac MK2 SPR Painted - $210
G&G CM16 Raider-L - $95
JG G36C - $90
JG G36K - $115

Valken Alloy MK.I wGemtech Suppressor & Lonex Hop Up, Flat Bucking & Madbull TB Barrel. $200

G&G SR Line w/ Boar Tactical Keymod Rail, Suppressor, and ProWin Hop Up $200

VFC Scar-L $230

G&G CM16 R8-L w/ AFG, Rail Covers & Red Dot Sight & Black Flash Hider $150

Used G&G Airsoft MP5 A5 ||| In great shape - Only $165

Used G&G Airsoft G26 - $120

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