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What do you think of this quadcopter?

25min flight time

300m wifi live video-feeding

1080p image quality

auto-hovering/GPS return to home

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Can it handle the extra weight of an aeg rigged up to the bottom? If so it seems epic!

My original thought was 'recon', not 'aerial bombing'. lol But, it seems like it can handle gopro camera. If it can handle gopro, it might be able to handle an AEP!

That could be beautiful, but you would need a camera to be able to see where your shooting. You could mod one of those really cheap walmart guns then make a game out of it.(intentionally poor gun that shoots 10 feet). A team of 3 and 1 dedicated pilot vs a group of maybe 7 who cant shoot the uav but can be tagged out by it.

That Phantom 2 looks pretty cool.  But I doubt it will be able to hold an AEG I don't think any quad copters can, but you might be able to rig it to drop a small payload of bbs on an area.  An AEG I would imagine would be way too heavy and too dangerous to actually aim at someone and shoot.

I mean you would of course have to strip it all down and put a super small lipo in it but i know you can make a very light aeg that would only have 100-200 fps

I like the idea of dropping a small payload of BBs (just like those fire-fighter helicopters), rather than shooting something. It would be easier to integrate, too!

Maybe I just really want to see a flying, shooting airsoft helicopter. lol

They have one of those already, they are not the best quality lol

I have a drone that we have tried to use in games. Biggest issue is that if there are any trees at all it is nearly impossible to avoid all the branches. You spend more time trying not to hit anything then being able to do much constructive. The Phantom is a cool product and drones are lots of fun in open area's.



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