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Well I am getting very busy lately, and I know I am not out there finding every single game that is going on and posting them on here, but that is the goal to have every game on here.  So I am looking for some people who want to go around finding and posting local airsoft events on here.  You could also find and contact local airsoft field owners and get them on board and posting their own games so we do not have to.  It just makes it easier for everyone to have one place to come to find games all over our area.

If you think you would be able to do this and you think you would be good at it and up for the challenge please let me know so we can discuss this further.  You would get special recognition on the site, just like admins, field owners, and founding members do!

I am looking for a few people from each state in the area so we can get a mix of games all over.  Thanks guys and look forward in hearing from you all!

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I will continue to post Polar98's ops and if I am attending another event in the PA area and it is not posted I will go ahead and post it up. Couldn't hurt.

Great, thanks alot we really appreciate it!

Anyone interested in this, we could probably use someone for each state that we are trying to represent here.



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