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Okay guys, I know everyone has been waiting patiently for us to get some official CAA patches and the time has come!  Currently we have 100 patches in the process of being made, when they get them ready and give me an actual picture of what it looks like I will post it up.  They are going to be sick tho I can't wait!


To anyone interested in getting a patch, we will be selling the patches for $3.00 each as of now, and anyone who donated or donates $10 or more to the site will get a patch for free.  All extra funds and proceeds will go into the CAA paypal fund in order to pay for the site, buy more patches, maybe have some giveaways/contests etc. 


Hope everyone else is as excited as I am.  This is going to make the association alot more real and recognized in the airsoft community!


Update: after much anticipation, heres what the final product looks like.

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Thanks alot to the Hopkins' for donating 20 bucks to the site, and buying 4 patches!

looks cool thanks!


Yeah if you come to any of the games I will have them there either fort rama or hopkins hollow you can get a patch for $2, or you can get a patch for 3 bucks buying one thru the site or if you donate 10 or more to the site then we will send you one for free.

Just so everyone knows, the new patches we have come with velcro backing, I have like 1 or 2 left with no velcro.  And they are available for sale at East Coast Airsoft regularly for $3.00 but if you mention you saw this post and you are a member of the CAA site then we will give it to you for $2.00.

Here is a bit more cleaned up version of the patch.

Working on getting PVC patches for CAA :)

Who's gonna want one?!?!

That sounds awesome! I will. 

Hell yeah!

As a reminder, CAA patches are still available. Link below.

Go to: 

Get a Patch!

More patches are being produced as we speak.  If you would like one feel free to click the show your support banner on the right side of the page and make a donation.  Minimum donation for a patch is $3.  Donate $10 if you can to show your support and help fund the website.  We are going to work on a page for all of the people who donate $10 or more.



Get a Patch!

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