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GAAT is now recruiting players from MD, and lower PA. GAAT has been around since founded on December 19, 2013 by Dujuan Scott and Jason McSweeney who are also the head commander's of the team.  The team started with only a few members, but has steadily grown since.  We now have even more members through out Howard County and the surrounding areas! and we are still looking to get some fresh blood in our ranks. We like players to be Male or Female 15 years or older, however there are rare cases that we will accept players that are younger.

We attend ops on the Local level and trying to get in to national ops. We have been playing mostly at TAA as of lately, but we are looking to get in to the flow of things as soon as possible. We can only do this with your help.

How do you become part of GAAT? Its simple. Before you can become a recruit, you will have to come out to a local pick up game with us, and be active on our teams website.

Once you start the recruitment process, there is a 2 week period where you will be required to acquire at least one of the necessary uniforms or gear. Our gear Just been re-written and always Updating, but they are basic and still allows freedom to wear just about any kit you would like.

After your 2 Week period is over, the Command Staff will vote to determine if you are given a spot on the team. Generally, if you get this far there is little chance we won't take you. After the voting process is complete, we will give you your Squad Placement, and then your a member of GAAT.

Please feel free to join up on our Website and chat with GAAT members!

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Glad to see a team close to my location!

hope to see you later today 

How far are you guys from Baltimore and where are your pick up games located

GAAT is based in Howard County. We currently visit TAA and PAP/OLTA, but may consider Replay Airsoft if they institute a proper joule/FPS limit.

Otherwise, we train on some private property.

Posted a topic on your home forum.

FYI TAA is reopened under new management and new field design. We also added a camera inside the arena facing the reff tower and showing the middle shooting halls. Would be great practice to watch yourselves fight it out there. 



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