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I am looking for an airsoft team near me (i live in Oxford which is in southern Chester County) that runs their team professionally and participates in many events and team competitions. I use to have a team of my own (Death Angels Airsoft) which was really good, professional team with leadership and skill and i had many good ideas but the team died out due to lack of support. Im willing to pass on my ideas to the team that recruits me if you want. I am 16, I'm a very good leader. I can be a rifleman, designated marksman, or sniper. I have an OD plate carrier with black pouches (it looks pretty sick) and a black Fast helmet. I currently run ACU cut woodland camo pants and jacket but highly looking into to getting Multicam pants and jacket. I also have an OD softshell jacket and i wear black combat boots. For my gun i have a Custom JG m16 and looking to get a new side arm. I use thunder Bs and a Tornado impact grenade.

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