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i have played airsoft before, but with my friends not too competitive, but im going more serious about it. I want to purchase a full metal m4, or some type of m4( high quality AEG) i really like how they look(the m4), and also i wanna buy all the gear, chest, pouches, cammo etc. I simply dont know where to go, or what to actually buy, i dont know what is good to get for the price. So if someone could help me out with telling me where to get a nice full metal m4, or m4 in general thats good, and the rest of the gear, it would be a great help.  thanks alot :) i also wanna join a team so please keep that in mind for giving me tips on what to get, i live in MD.  thank you.

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For the m4, I would look at the G&G they have a wide variety of models they are preety reliable, though they can get pretty pricey, Echo 1 also has a few nice models though they too can get pretty expensive, JG makes a few that are cheaper and of some quality. For the gear I would suggest condor for gear like knee pads, slings, a chest rig and other items like that (though for an m4 a molle rig with m4 mag pouches is always nice) condor is good for the cost. For your face I would highly recommend an Iron Face half mask and Bobster for full seal gogles. To cover the top of your head Emerson fast helmets are really nice. You can find most of this stuff at East Coast Airsoft or Evike. Though East Coast may be a better optoin seeing you can go there and see what you are buying

Yeah I was going to say you should stop up in the shop one day and take a look at everything, and if you had any questions about anything we could help you out.  But the above suggestions are great, I was going to recommend a G&G or Echo1 there great starter guns.  We are open 7 days a week from 11AM to 8PM our address is

1318 E. Churchville Rd.

Bel Air, MD 21014


Echo 1 Troy addition guns are pretty awesome, I bought 2 I like them so much.



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