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P3 (Pasadena Paintball Park) w/ Insanity Productions are hosting an airsoft OP in MARYLAND!!!

This event is going to happen in the next month or two, just trying to drum up some intrest and see who is excited to have an awesome OP producer host a game at a new field never open to airsofters before.  If there is a good turnout there will be regular games there so be sure you spread the word and tell all your friends about it.  Insanity has some AWESOME props and tech for their games which I am sure many of you have never seen before and will be extremely excited to use!

Still hammering out dates and costs and whatnot but when we have more information we will have the event posted up on here, so be sure you are registered here and stay tuned.  For now help us spread the word and drum up some interest in this!

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I know 5-10 poeple in Bowie who would probably play.

Awesome let them know there will be an OP soon :)

SCAR is looking to do some OPS here soon. As soon as you get the information, let us know!

The event is real, here is what I can tell you now.

Operation Kickoff: T vs G

Location: Pasadena Paintball Park

Date: March 16th, 2014

Time: Mandatory safety briefing 0900, STARTEX 1000, ENDEX 1600.

  • Over 18: full seal eye protection, ANSI z87.1 or better, soft lower face protection
  • Under 18: Full coverage (paintball mask) - ID required
  • No mesh or shooting glasses
  • Bio BBs only
  • Water and power for chargers will be available (both free)
  • Medics
  • Dead Rags will be used: bring one please
  • AEG: 400 fps, MED of 15'
  • Sniper: 500 fps, MED of 125'
  • Proper Camo required
    • Tan- Any tan based pattern–Multicam, DCU, Desert MARPAT-CADPAT-ATAC  
    • Green- Any Green based pattern -Woodland BDU's, Woodland MARPAT-CADPAT, ACU, Flecktarn or Woodland Tiger
  • Barrel bags are required

Depending on the turnout we will either run a cascading series of missions (outcome of each determines the next) which run about 45 minutes each or if we get more than 75 players we will switch to a continuous play model.

Stay tuned for more info.....

Insanity Productions

Insane Fun! Drama Free! 

Definitely interested! Gonna have to let all my friends know about this one.

Awesome i have 2-5 people would love to do this.

Registration is now open at

Head over and sign up!

Missions have been posted at the Op website!


Will we be able to join the game if we arrive midday, at 12 or 1?

I don't think that will be an issue.



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