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I am a 29 yr old United States Marine Corps Warrant Officer, who is currently assembling a new team in the DE/MD area, who with my guidance will learn real military tactics, and receive all the weapons training needed to take any opponent, anytime.

Team Name is S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - SPECial Tactics and REcon

We train using proven military tactics, we communicate using proven military communication styles, and we move and maneuver using proven military methods.

We currently have 13 Dedicated members including but not limited to:

USMC Warrant Officer (Myself)
ex USMC Sniper
ex USMC Soldier
ex ARMY Soldier
Numerous Highly Experienced Airsofters
Multiple Highly Motivated New Airsofters

We also have a proprietary manual that I compiled, reviewed and wrote myself, much of which comes from actual USMC training material, modified or simplified for airsoft.

We are looking for any individuals who are:

Ex Military
or Other Serious Airsofters (Experienced or Dedicated to Learning)

We currently have usage rights to a beautiful field in Bridgeville, DE which we use for training and are in the process of securing more property to expand our versatility.

If you don't have an airsoft weapon, please contact me as well, as I may be able to help you find one, and we may be able to lend you one of our spares for training purposes if your serious, but don't have a gun.

Please respond ASAP, as I have currently set the maximum team size at 20 (2 Recon Teams of 2 Soldiers and 4 Assault Teams of 4 Soldiers) and were roughly halfway there already.

Anyone interested please email me at or for fastest response text me at 1 (302) 465-0284. You can post a reply here but I seldom get online so email and texts which go to my phone directly are the preferred methods.

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My name is Dennis, I am from Cecil County Maryland.  I am looking to join a airsoft team.  I never played airsoft but i have 12yrs exp in paintball.  I am a Police Officer and I know a fair amount of tactics.  my email is hit me up for more info.  I look forward to hear from you. 

Hi, I'm a recently retired Air Force officer (where the hell did 20 years go?). I was mostly a desk jockey, but I shot on the USAF hi-power rifle team for a few years, and have done some 3-gun work, so I know my way around small arms. Are you recruiting?



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