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SOG is allways looking for dedicated team players.we play every Sunday on 100+ acre field.We hold OPs at our field and atten national OPs as a team.If you are looking to be part of a dedicated team then check us out at

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Sunday aug 4.
SOG is looking to add more team members to our team.IF you love to play and want to be apart of a good group of players then stop by and check us out.We are looking for players age 15 and up.
Well airsoft players it looks like there are a bunch of teams looking for players.How many teams play in the big national games (10) this year alone.We have 120 acers to play on and around 24 members on our team.We play every Sunday at our field.So if you want to be apart of a hard core team and one of the top teams in Maryland then come check us out.

I tried to make to the SOG field last weekend, but couldn't due to the personal emergency. I am planning to make it this week. Would you care to let me know how I can reach the field via driving? On the event page, it was just showing the name of the road, but not the detailed directions. I would appreciate the directions. Finally, I saw the statement asking guest players to wear woodland or others and avoid multicam. My current load out is already equipped with multicam. Does this mean that I am not allowed to play at the field?

Hey James,SOG field will be closed this Sunday.but will be open next Sunday.
Ok lets see who is looking to join a team or just a good place to play.SOG is always looking for good people so come check us out.
June was good for SOG with 5 new cadets. July could bring more cadets so if want a place to call home with its own field than come check out SOG.


Recruitment is now OPEN for Recruit Class 002-15.

As Class 001-15 finishes up their last couple weeks with us, we will begin signing people up for the next cycle which begins on May 24th.


18 years of age or older
Be in possession of your own method of transportation
1 Primary Weapon 
1 Set of BDU's (Any Camouflage Pattern)
1 Pair of Boots
Load Bearing Equipment (Chest rig/Plate Carrier)

The Training Cycle consists of 6 weekends taking place over a 12 week period (Read: Once every other week). The schedule for the program is laid out to begin at 8 AM till 2-3 PM. We will be conducting training and other activities to give our recruits a good feel for the whole SOG experience. At the end of the program you will have the choice to become a SOG cadet which is a probationary period given to you so that you may have the time to gather the rest of your required gear for the team.

Financial responsibilities for the recruit period are minimal. The first day of the recruit program you will be responsible for paying for your own breakfast on the first day. Every weekend recruit training takes place will only require a five dollar payment to the team to supply lunch. Playing on the field with walkons and team members after training has concluded is free.

Please send all inquiries to

Recruitment Closes on May 23rd @ 2200



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