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About 7 months ago, a police officer came to my house and saw my collection of spring airsoft guns (about 6 in total) and told me straight forward that I am not allowed to purchase anymore weapons, attend any more airsoft wars, or even go to a store relating to airsoft, or I will be arrested. It was nice attempting to know you all, and I hope you have a nice life, with airsoft, and all.

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Where do you live, theres no way they are even legally allowed to say that unless you used them improperly or live in a city where the guns are banned.  And why were police officers all up in your house?

I live in Bel Air/Forest Hill. They were there because I told a teacher that my mom scratched me and left a pretty bad gash.

The gash part is true.

I live in Bel Air as well, you are certainly allowed to own airsoft guns here.  This is where our store and everything is as well.

Sounds kinda funky, did he give you a reason why like are you under age or some dumb reason like that?

No, he just looked at the table I put them on and said "No more guns."

Oh well maybe he was thinking they where something else or was just concerned for your safety or something. I don't know what to tell ya except sorry bro.

If thats all he said he was not being serious, or your mother told him to say it.  They have no authority to tell you if you can or cant have airsoft guns.

Indubidibly my good man.

Police aren't authorized to do that lol.

It's perfectly legal to play Airsoft in the state of Maryland. He had no reason to say that.
Just play airsoft bro, have fun. That cop can't say any about airsoft guns because airsoft is considerd a sport and is a hobby just like paintball. Airsoft guns can't kill any one so they are not that dangerous.



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