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Star Trek: Discovery – What is Section 31, and how will it impact season two?

Section 31 is an autonomous secret organisation which claims to protect the security interests of the United Federation of Planets. Fictionally, it's existed (off-the-record) since the earliest days of Starfleet (they even show up in Star Trek: Enterprise), but in our reality, Section 31 was first invented for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Created by Deep Space Nine executive producer Ira Steven Behr, Section 31 was inspired by a line of dialogue in the episode 'The Maquis, Part II' where Commander Sisko says: "It's easy to be a saint in paradise."

Behr responded, "Why is Earth a paradise in the twenty-fourth century? Well, maybe it's because there's someone watching over it and doing the nasty stuff that no one wants to think about. Of course it's a very complicated issue. Extremely complicated. And those kinds of covert operations usually are wrong!"

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