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Have quite a few more, but these are what I have proof pics of, so figured i'd see if i've better luck selling here.

Anyway, couple rules:

1) read these, as I do update frequently, and i'm tired of getting pms about thigs that I have already answered!
2) this thread is on multiple forums, so in case of multiple interested parties, I go by the initial timestamp of the message, that's about as fair as I can be.
3)Due to my job, I am not home very often (only a few days per month), I will obviously keep you informed of when im home or out, but I ask you to be patient and work with me. Ive got no one else who can ship items and such, so you might have to wait a couple weeks before I get home. I will not ask you for payment immediatly and I will let you know about when I will be home and can ship.
4) My asking prices already include shipping and everything else (guys, PayPal fees are charged to you for them providing the service, thats the way a business works!). Other than international shipping, what im asking is what you pay. Yes, there is offer room there, but take into account that shipping and all that are Factored in already.
5) Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, no parting out.
6)I have more photos than shown here, just ask and I can you them!
7)Read the text!!!!

Trades? Sure, i'm looking for some:

Inokatsu m240
TM M45A1
TM Aug hi cycle
TM M4A1 MWS gbbr
Krytac LOVA (either S or C model is fine)
King Arms M1A1 Thompson
WE Thompson (GBB)
Tanaka trench gun
ICS M1 Garand
King Arms M1 carbine
Always a sucker for a good TM pistol (esp 1911s)
Nova M45A1 CQBP FMBK (and grips)

Gear trades
CA M249 box mags (preferably the "nut sack" type) and lower RIS
TM MEU magazines
Crye precision combat pants in OD/green (waist 38-40 32 length)
Crye precision jpc 2.0 (large size)
battle belt (not one of those big ones, more like ronin tactics or something similar)
team wendy exfil bump helmet (size medium)

Anything different/interesting (JG M4 COD painted = NOT interesting. MG42/tanaka revolvers = interesting. Get the example? Good)
Again, if it isn't on this list, don't be suprised if I say no thanks...

Hera arms carbine kit
Comes with what you see, kit has never been used. Asking $100


Tanaka G33/40
Yes, one of those. Couple of things though: It has been given a weathered look, nothing over the top, but it's not pristine looking. Front sight hood is missing, and the outer barrel is loose (it holds in place, but you can turn and remove it. I don't know if this is just the way it's designed or if something is missing, but i'm listing it just to CMA). Two mags, extra o-rings and the replica ZF 41 scope (there's a loose ring inside the scope, but it doesn't block the view). Not entirely sure I want to sell this, but i'm TTW here. Asking $600


What it says. Stock, comes with 2 non leaking mags. Asking $300


Looks new, only a couple marks on it, but this replica makes me have a new appreciation for the guys who had to actually carry this thing. Ergonomics were not a high priority with this one. 4 mags. Asking $140


Roni carbine
In good shape (except the front grip doesn't fold, not sure why. Has a working KWA  G18c installed, both fire modes work fine, 3 mags (none leak) and a cheap red/green dot sight. Asking $300


KWA Glocks- (each has one mag, other than the G18c pair, which has one) 
1) KWA G17  $110
3) [this is the second one down from the left, i'm going by the numbers on the frames) KWA G19 $110
4) KWA G19 (needs rocket valve) $80
5) KWA g17 Disassembled, slide has been cerakoted burnt bronze, no sights. $120 (as is, if I assemble it, it will be more)
6) KWA G18c w/ trademarks $150
7 & 8) 7 KWA G18c  fires on semi only, vents gas on full auto. 8) KWA G18c Does not fire, vents gas and slide doesn't return to battery. The mag with these has a slow leak in the fill valve (likely either needs relubed/o-ring replaced) Also get a kinda roached frame.. $100
9)KWA G18c Fires on full auto only, likely needs sear replaced $100
10) KWA G23f Slide looks someone took a sander to it and stripped the paint partially. It does work fine though, guess you can just get the slide repainted $110
Also have some extra mags all are KWA G17 mags, one is trademarked, all hold gas charge. $25 each.



Well MP5Ks
Selling as a pair, one with folding stock. The stockless one's body is kinda rough, so more selling as a parts gun, though they both do seem to work. Both magazines hols a gas charge. Asking: $50 for the pair


The ONE piece of gear (that i've got a proof pic for, anyway..)

LBT 6064B
Seen some use, still in good shape though. Comes with 3 HSGI single tacos and some kind of MAP/hydro pack. Asking: $120



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