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I'd like to share videos from the Tactical Black Cats, french airsoft team playing near Paris, France. Don't forget to activate subtitles :)

CQB with vehicles and tornado grenades

What is it like to be an airsoft war reporter (link to pictures in the video description)

More to come soon, don't hesitate to leave a comment ;)

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Welcome to the site, are you the guy who has been to our shop a few times.

Thanks. I don't think so, I've never been in this area.

I am this guy:

Teamplay with KhanSeb, the French Airsoft Dude

"Plant the bomb" game, with G36K, TR4 CQB-R, Glock 17 and tornado fail.
Dont't forget to activate the awesome subtitles, and to leave a comment ;)

If you want more people to see your videos, feel free to post them in the videos gallery linked below:

Thanks for the tip :)

Playing in an abandoned quarry

Zombie or not Zombie - full feature

Played a zombie game, as a zombie. We were 30, 20 survivors and 10 zombies. Survivors were limited in BBs, and had to find a way to survive (take shelter, find food and medikit, find the keys for the SUV...). Zombies weak point was the legs (had to be shot 3 times to fall down). Zombies "bite" survivors when they managed to touch them with their head. After three bites, the survivor become a zombie.

That was pretty epic, please leave a comment or a question if you have any (I swear, I don't bite... much).

Where should we attach the camera while playing airsoft?

The TBCs were at the Japan Expo 2013 (Paris, France). Lots of cosplayers and opportunities to explain what airsoft is about.



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