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Used Airsoft Rifles For Sale @ East Coast Airsoft

Hey guys, just wanted to make a post with all of the used guns we have for sale at the shop.   Let me know if you are interested in anything.  Most come with what you see, most don't have batteries or chargers.  If there is no mag pictured one is not included.

Frankenstein M4 (Top Gun Middle Column)  - Has G&G Polymer receiver with Spikes Tactical rail system.  No dust cover or charging handle.  Gun tech just put this one together.  $125

UTG L96 (2nd Gun Middle Column) - Comes with 1 magazine. $85

Echo1 Red Star Covert (3rd in the Middle)  - No flash hider, magazine, battery, or charger. $150

Echo1 Red Star CPW (4th down in middle) - Includes original box, 2 magazines,wall charger & grip.  No Battery.  $135

Echo1 ER25 (Bottom Gun in Middle) - Has a BRAND NEW echo1 sr25 gearbox and stock installed.  $195

Echo1 Igor VSS (Top gun on the right) - Comes with 2 magazines, battery, wall charger, and original box.  - $135

G&G SOC16 (2nd Gun on right) - 1 magazine, painted, no battery or charger. $162

APS ASR106 (3rd gun on right) - 1 magazine and original box, no battery or charger $110

KWA MP7 HPA Tapped (4th down on right) - KWA MP7 with x1 HPA tapped magazine $175

Echo1 ASR (bottom on right) - 1 magazine, no bipod.  $70

Custom Snow Wolf Barrett w/ Scope (Top on left) - Custom build from Kinetic Airsoft Works.  Can reach out to nearly 300ft with ASG .40g BBs.  Make an Offer

G&G Pink M4 Carbine - comes with original box and 1 magazine $100

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Igor still available?

Everything here is long gone, this is over a year old of a post sorry



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