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Okay I'll just maybe correct the title slightly and say that I'm not talking about the types of people who park in stupid places or drive a little fast or anything like that. I'm talking more about the drivers who comit a dangerous offense.
I have a colleague who last year was involved in an accident. His car hit a motorcyle and the rider was killed. Last week the case went to court and the outcome was, he was Guilty of reckless driving, driving without due care, he had drunk alcohol but wasn't anywhere near being over the legal limit. Other factors were considered as well which showed him in a bad light, like the fact on the day of the accident the area of accident had a visibility of 500 yards in both directions. The passenger in the car saw the Motorcyle, but he didn't. The only thing in his favour was the investigators deducted that the Motorcyle was travelling about 10-15mph over the limit for the stretch of road.
Now after all the evidence was presented and my colleague pleaded guilty. He was handed a £100 fine and 6 points on his license. What kind of punishment is that? He killed someone and gets a cheap fine and a few points on his license. Surely jail time and a suspension should have been the outcome?
Surely in a situation where someone is killed and its ruled that you were responsible surely the first thing should be your license gets suspended. There is a lady several doors down the road from us who got stopped by Police one night as she was driving the 500 yard stretch of road from pub to her house. She was over the limit and when it went to cout she got £128 fine and Her License pulled. She never killed anyone the road was deserted of people and cars, so why is her crime deemed worse then someone who killed?
If I was absent minded at the wheel and killed someone I'd certainly expect more then a fine and a few points.
Would the Rider's family be able to take any further action over this? Surely they must be able to sue someone or something?

Please help.

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