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So... I accidentally broke the battery connector on my JG M4-s... Not the part that connects to the battery but the part that connects to the wires in the gun... I don't know what they are called... Basically I need a new wire system for my gun... Any ideas on where I can get a new wire system for fairly cheap? 

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We should have what you need at East Coast Airsoft, do you know how to take apart and reassemble your gun though?  You need to open the gearbox to replace the wires and that is no easy task.  If you need we can do it at the shop, we charge $40 to open the gearbox plus the wire harness is like $25.  When we have the box open we could do other upgrades and such if you like too feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call to discuss it.  410-838-6856



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