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Thanks alot to everyone who worked hard to get people to join and to everyone who took the time to register on this site.  We now have reached 100 members with Glitch as our 100th member.  Great job guys lets keep up the good work!

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In honor of breaking the 100 member milestone, I will give the first 5 people who post a reply to this thread 1,000 Store Credit Points on East Coast Airsoft!!!

Just post here or PM me your account name (full name you registered on eca with) and date of birth so I can find you in our points system on ECA and credit your account.

Thanks for being loyal & active members to read this post!

Please note, these points can only be redeemed with orders made thru the website, I cannot credit these points at any fort rama games.
Post what?
Can I post that I like ice cream?
Or that I just had 4 hotdogs, a bowl of beans, and a bog of kraft Mac and cheese?
Heh post anything, just so I know you took the time to look at and read this post lol!

But since you were first, make sure you have an account on ECA and then let me know your DOB so I credit the points to the right account =]
well then i post ice cream and bacon bits!!!!!!!
then i post ice cream with rice and kim chee
If you guys all want your credit private message me your full name on eca and your date of birth so I can credit the points to you. I need all that info because there are too many registered customers and I dont wanna give it to the wrong person.
Grats on 100 members, now what was that about bacon and ice cream?
Am I the fifth post? If so I'll take some ice cream with bacon bits...haha. Sike, Matt I'll send the info. Thank you for offering this to everyone!
Heh yep your the final winner! Congratulations everyone! Thank you all for being loyal CAA members.



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