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Okay guys, I know everyone has been waiting patiently for us to get some official CAA patches and the time has come!  Currently we have 100 patches in the process of being made, when they get them ready and give me an actual picture of what it looks like I will post it up.  They are going to be sick tho I can't wait!


To anyone interested in getting a patch, we will be selling the patches for $3.00 each as of now, and anyone who donated or donates $10 or more to the site will get a patch for free.  All extra funds and proceeds will go into the CAA paypal fund in order to pay for the site, buy more patches, maybe have some giveaways/contests etc. 


Hope everyone else is as excited as I am.  This is going to make the association alot more real and recognized in the airsoft community!


Update: after much anticipation, heres what the final product looks like.

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I call 6 of em. ;) (im such a patch whore) Any idea when you will be getting them in?
Im not sure how quick they are probably like 3 weeks from now.  When I know the exact date they will be in I will post it on here.
Sigh... Not in time or the 3rd. But I'm still excited to check em out.
Put me down for 6
did you go thru butler... cuz if you did ... if you refer me they will send me 50 free team patches or even give me cash.  Its not too late to refer me dude..hehe.
Is that so because I used them to get my eca patches too we should get double the free patches.
Damn, Rama digging for the freebies ;) Man after my own heart.
Steve know how I do lol
charm city will pick up at least 10
Speaking of your ECA patches, you have any left? If so I'll take 2 of those as well. And I was asked "How do I get a CAA patch?" I didnt have an answer ;( So I gave them Matt's address and told them to show up with loose pennies.

lol thats funny, but to anyone who wants them I can bring them to all the games I go to and to anyone donating thru the site, if they message me their address then I can mail them as well.  Whatever is easier.

And I have a bunch of the ECA ones in stock as well too.  In all the colors.

Hopefully on Monday I will have the actual picture sample of the patch and then we will have them in very shortly after that I hope.  Will keep you all updated.



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