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Okay guys, I know everyone has been waiting patiently for us to get some official CAA patches and the time has come!  Currently we have 100 patches in the process of being made, when they get them ready and give me an actual picture of what it looks like I will post it up.  They are going to be sick tho I can't wait!


To anyone interested in getting a patch, we will be selling the patches for $3.00 each as of now, and anyone who donated or donates $10 or more to the site will get a patch for free.  All extra funds and proceeds will go into the CAA paypal fund in order to pay for the site, buy more patches, maybe have some giveaways/contests etc. 


Hope everyone else is as excited as I am.  This is going to make the association alot more real and recognized in the airsoft community!


Update: after much anticipation, heres what the final product looks like.

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Hey Matt, don't forget to bring patches to Rama's, I'll see you there.

Yeah, im going to bring all of them with me and im going to try and bring some of the velcro stuff from walmart too so people can put their patches on at the game haha
Just wanted to say the patches look great. Can't wait to show them off at the games.
Just saw your post for the patch gallery, had an idea to go along with it. Do a photo contest for May with the best photo showing off the patch. Whichever one gets the most "likes" wins a bag of BB's or something. I'm sure you can think of a good prize. Would be a great way to build enthusiasm and support for the site. Let me know what you think.
P.s. I'm bringing out my good camera Saturday to take a bunch of photos. Maybe some HD video. Make sure everyone is dressed to impress ;)

Thats a great idea steve I will start working on the photo contest now!

I'm bringin' my new HD camera also , so you can see what it looks like to get shot !!! LOL
Is there a game at Rama's this saturday, 4/23 ? If so, Ill try to come up, need some trigger time, finally have a job where I dont work weekends, plus I want to pick up some patches.
As far as I know its a practice for the Mercs. A few of us from Infinity will be there, but that's about it. He should be posting a regular game soon.
Just wanted to say another patch has gone out to Ryan Rhodes, thank you for your $10.00 donation!  We appreciate your support very much!
Which reminds me. I'm gonna need to pick up another 10 patches. ;)
Well thats awsome glad there getting around like that just let me know whenever you wanna stop by haha
Might stop by Thursday. I'll be in Bel Air for court.... Bah. I'll give you a ring.
Okay sounds good just let me know



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