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M.A.T. Eastern Brigade is Recruiting! (Eastern shore Maryland, DE,MD,VA from southern delaware to accomack county)

Hello Ladies and Gentleman who view this page.


My name is William H. Jones, I am currently the acting commander for the Eastern Brigade of the Maryland Airsoft Team. I am looking for players aged 14 and up who wish to join a team on marylands eastern peninsula. All who are interested may contact me at 410-251-0151 or my email We have parental consent forms for minders 14-17 who's parents must sign in order for them to attend any airsoft training. We currently have fields in somerset county/deal island area. As well as soon to be having fields in Princess Anne/Parsonsburg/Salisbury/Quantico area's.


If you are looking to join a Mil-Sim team and want to be apart of what we on the team choose to call a 'brotherhood' then contact me as soon as you would like. Anyone who does join and has filed the necessary paperwork with my executive officer will be given a 90-180 day period to acquire all required gear and equipment necessary to playing this sport. As well as an airsoft Rifle. 


In regards to weapons of choice we have a few regulations.

1. MUST BE ABLE TO TAKE M4/M16 Style Magazines. (Unless you purchase a sniper rifle/shotgun type weapon)

2. SIDE ARMS: No regulations

3. Grenades/Sound making/Pyrotechnic's : Things such as Thunder-B's, Tornado's, Smoke grenades may be used. But only in specific games with authorisation from the Field Officer of the day.

4. Uner-barrel Grenade launcher type weapons: Allowed, as well as encouraged among team members who have rifles with the capability of having said attachments.  using Stand-alone laumchers such as M-79 style or any other type of launcher is prohibited.

5. Special weapons; We do not want our members wielding weapons like the M134 type 'Mini gun' Airsoft guns, However weapons such as M-249/M-240/MK-63/ M-60 and other Heavy weapons are allowed. Such specialty weapons like the AT4, RPG-7, Hakkotsu Mortar and others wont be permitted unless authorised by the operation coordinators and senior staff.


All members are subjected to weapons qualifications/training with the type and style of weapons they purchase and/or own. As well as being trained first and fore-most as Rifleman, Like the Marines this team also wants each and every one of its members to be proficient with the required rifles and side arms they own.


Intensive Training is also used on the team.

These area's include but are not limited too.

Physical Training

Tactical Training (M.O.U.T., Mechanized Infantry tactics, Standard Infantry tactics down to the squad/fire-team level, etc..)

Communications Training (React to contact, Radio etiquette, Hand-signals)

Night training

Basic First-Aid skills

Close-order Drill


Dress Code

All members are required to wear the same uniform as well as follow propper guidelines when wearing of their team uniforms

Guidelines include things such as

Propper wear and use of PPE(personal Protective Equipment)

Propper wear of team uniform (Shirts tucked in, Belts being worn propperly, Jackets being worn correctly, etc...)



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